South African Terms

17 02 2007

Aikona – No way absolutely not.

Braai – barbecue

Cooldrink/cold drink-This is the common term for a soda. Ask for a soda and u will get a soda water.

Hectic – this can unfortunately be good or bad,
The party last night was hectic (good).Its hectic how she crashed her car (bad).

Howzit – a traditional SA greeting meaning “how are u” or “how are things”.

Just now – if a SA tells u he will do something just now they mean they will do it in the near future maybe never.

Lekker – (pronounced lekk-irr with a rolling R) Afrikaans word
meaning nice, cool even great.

My Bad – my mistake

Pavement – SA’s walk on the pavement and drive cars on the road. The pavement is the sidewalk.

Robot – SA’s refer to traffic lights as robots.

Sharp-sharp – affirmation, everything is cool

Tackies – running shoes or sneakers




2 responses

12 03 2007

Dear Mela,
I checked out your site from the FibroTalk site. I’m glad that you included information about where you live. It’s so dumb that lots of people just think that aborigines are running amok all over the place and white people have not civilized any of it. Thanks for the information and I’m looking forward to seeing more when you put it in.

29 11 2007

You can add “bakkie”, “Eish!”, “bra”, “biltong” , “moer” and “china” to your list of SA terms.

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