3 06 2007

Well here I am again I know its been a while I have been having a really rough time. Between having five hip surgeries in 9 months and then coming down with a bout of depression, the worst I can ever recall having.

Well after being sent to one doctor after the other I think I am heading in the right direction although I know the rehab is going to take a while.I so miss the simple things like going for a walk, rehab will get me there but it is proving a very painful process. I guess no pain no gain.

As for the depression I guess it was due to happen I had been under so much strain. I hate the way I would and still do at times suddenly burst into tears for no apparent reason. Here would be my son and his buddies sitting chatting and the next thing I would start bawling, I felt like a real idiot. He was great about it though which really helped. I guess everything just became overwhelming and I could no longer cope what with the pain, being inactive and house bound I guess would have gotten to anyone eventually. My doctor said he was amazed I didn’t crash before then. Guess I am just one tough cookie.  

I must say though I am blessed with two great sons and an even greater husband. They have been such a great support they have helped me so much. Poor hubby has had as rough a time as me. What with having to cart me to the doctors, physio, etc., wipe my tears and comfort me he really is a gem and I love him with all my heart.

It will be great when I can cope on my own, there is nothing worse than having to rely on others all the time; it does nothing for ones self esteem. I have always been very independent and it will be great when I get it back.




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3 06 2007
Steve Crane

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16 06 2007

Hi Mela,

Great to see an update. Sorry to hear you are feeling so shitty! I hope you’re on the upswing. Please do post to your journal as often as you can comfortably sit. I’ve missed chatting back and forth with you over the past few years.

Glad to hear Steve and the boys have been such a big help. It makes a huge difference to be well supported. And it’s GOOD for those who do the supporting, too … builds their hearts and character, which is a mother’s job anyway, right, so you’re doing yours well!

26 09 2007

As I am recovering from smashing up my leg for a second time I can think of how frustrated you feel. I am glad you have such a supportive family, it does make a huge diffrence. I think I would have tossed my toys out of the cot a long time ago if it were not for my kids and friends that are a shout or a phone call away.
I wish you and yours a lot of cheer and a speedy recovery to you.

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