This and That

21 01 2008

It has been a long time since I have written anything. Things have been so rough for the past 18 months. I had 5 big surgeries in 9 months in 2006. One being for my gall bladder which was seriously septic I had emergency surgery for that one. Then last year I spent most of it being depressed. I hurt my shoulder and had to have an arthroscopy  to fix it and clean it out. Now my right knee is packing up I am to have an arthroscopy to see exactly what is going on inside as I am battling to walk and it is terribly swollen.  I will need a knee replacement eventually we are trying to buy some time. Then I will have bilateral knee and hip replacements. It never seems to end. I must say though I have absolute confidence in the surgeon. It has been difficult healing from each replacement and has taken up to 3 years to heal completely but once it heals I have absolutely no regrets.

My one cat disappeared on the 5th of November. I searched everywhere but no luck  I felt totally heart broken he was my baby and so cute. My other cat his granny was so lost without him as was my maltese as they grew up together. I will be getting a new puppy not sure when though. Right now I feel so raw inside its hard to think of getting another pet. They are home with me 24/7 as I dont work. I love my animals they have always meant alot to me. As a kid I had hamsters and I was happy as I did not feel out of place because I couldn’t hear. All my pets seem to know and understand I am deaf and they help me and care for me. They follow me everywhere and my maltese sits near me keeping guard. If I dont have my hearing aid on and someone comes to the door he will bark and come and fetch me and lead me to the door. As for my cat I look at the position of her head and ears and can tell if someone is coming into the room. I believe animals are so clever and they each have their own personalities.

My eldest son turns 21 on the 1st of February where does the time go. them my other son turns 21 next year on the 5th of October. Time sure does fly. I must say I am so glad they have finished school and are independent. Its getting tougher and tougher coping with anything, walking, cleaning etc and they are old enough to help out. I still try to do as much as I can.

Anyway I think I will sign off for today as it is extremely hot 36 degrees centigrade.

Until next time  cheers




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