South Africa

17 02 2007

Firstly I would like to say that the stories one hears from overseas about South Africa regarding animals running free and us living in the bush etc are NOT true. We, like everyone in any other country live in houses or flats (apartments). Wild animals do not roam the streets but are kept in nature reserves and zoos. Snakes like the anaconda or any other snake are kept in snake parks and in the wild. We don’t wear khaki outfits and hard hats. WE do drive around in cars, buses and other standard form of transport.


Cape Town has mild weather all year. Our warm summer weather starts in October and continues until March. January and February being the hottest with temperatures soaring into the High 30ÂșC. The sun only sets around 20h00 (8 at night) We do tend to have extremely strong gale force winds. April which is Autumn also has very pleasant weather the sun starts setting earlier. May through to July is our winter this is when we have our rain. It gets cold but not unbearably so. Our temps don’t go very low generally into the low teens. The sun will set around 18h00 (6 o clock). August to mid October is Spring we have occasionally had light snow in August. Its lovely to see the snow on the mountains. September is our spring this is when the weather starts warming up.